How BI help me?

What is the reality of life in organizations?

  • 47% of users do not have confidence in your information.
  • 42% of managers use wrong at least once a week information.
  • 59% say they lack information that should be used in decision making.

Some common questions:

  • Are there multiple databases in your company with customer information which involves consolidating information to see what is the latest?
  • When you request information to make decisions , How long does it to generate responsible for this information? Is the information reliable?
  • Opportunities are lost because they can not be real-time , ie the time that the opportunity is detected?
  • What if I want to do comparison with the previous month or against the same month one year or two years ago?
  • What happens when you want to analyze data from different perspectives? Need constantly order different types of reports?
  • Having trouble to measure the profitability of its business in the thinnest point?

What questions we get about our business?

What kind of analysis can I do?

Success Stories with our customers

  • MCPA Business Intelligence: Solution that extracts information from the car dealerships from the systems it manages and monitors the operation; and a dashboard where indicators of the company are displayed.